Toriyang rag doll(Pd No. : 3076809)

(Updated : Jan/05/2017)
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Model Nm
HS CODE 950300
M.O.Q 100,000 ea
Keywords Toriyang, Tori, Red Hair, Tori design, doll, rag doll
Seller ID toriro

[Company Introduction]


1. History


Creation of Tori

NeunLeul Education

KeumSung Publisher Illustration


YoungPoong Bookstore Standing Point

Creation of Minimin Character

2010 Seoul Character&Licensing Fair


Chunjae Education

Hansol Education

Design and Illustration


Design Goods site

www.toriro.com OPEN

sales promotion site

www.toriro.co.kr OPEN

Creation of Toriyang Chracter


Paris Baguette, Shany

pakage design

Daegyu, Sinsago,

ParkHackChun Essay Education

Design and Illustration


Doosan textbook Illustration

Prudential Calendar

CJ Educations Illustration

Homeplus Illstrations


Visang Textbook Illustration

JiHaksa, Mirae-N Textbook Illustration

Dusan Dong-A, Iroonet, 3Term, U-way

Design and Illustration

Creation of Event Chracter

for Paris Baguette


H.K Internationnal Licensing Fair

2014 Seoul Chracter Fair

2014 ACE Fair

Toriyang Chracter Licensing with Bic C(Taiwan)


NeunLeul Education Design and Illustration

Eduwang Book Illustration

BBQ Illustration

Creation of Event Character

for paris Baguette


H.K Internationnal Licensing Fair

2014 Seoul Chracter Fair

2014 ACE Fair

Toriyang Chracter Licensing with Chong Kun Dang


KyoChon Illustration

Creation of Dubi&Mio, Oily hair Jaru Character Licensing Fair


2. With us

Tori-design is a Korean design brand that can express everything you imagine.

We provide professional works with high quality, competitive design resource

which are illustration & character design.

Our team of contents providers develops various unique design resources to satisfy every customer.

Also we produce the character products and enlarge a distribution network by offering the best working environment, "One- Source, Multi-Use".

Our ultimate goal is the spread of sensibility based on humanism,

combined with the cultural industry of Korea as if viruses proliferate around the world.


3. Our Character


Name : Toriyang(miss Tori)

Target age : 6~10 years

Genre : comic / education


Synopsis :


Miss Tori is different from others.

She is always alone. Why?

Because strange things always happen to Miss Tori.

The head came to life, and a tail grew on the hip.

One day, she almost flew over the roof.

However, Miss Tori doesn't care.

Because she believes firmly that she will be

the prettiest and the most competent person someday.

But she gets disappointed sometimes

because she is small yet

and has red curly hair and small eyes. But so what?

She can do well from now one.

Oh, and don't tell this secret to anyone else!



 4. Partner

- Publishing

- Character ip

[Product Description]

- Safe fabric

- Use cotton to make anyone can sleeping with it

[Product Specification]

- 20cm * 20cm * 30cm

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Yoon Young Chal
Company Toriro
Homepage www.toriroo.com/ , http://seller.buykorea.org/toriro--EC095588
Tel (02)8859445 Fax (02)8550099
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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