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(Updated : Dec/26/2016)
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Model Nm Eori
HS CODE 000000
Keywords Animation, Design, Character, Service, game multi contents provider
Seller ID nhcmedia

[Company Introduction]

NHC MEDIA is specialized in kid's contents creation equipped with very creative manpower and effective production system. We develop our business to distribution & licensing business as we release <Eori season 1 & 2> and <Hello!Pawmily>.

More projects are in production or development such as <The Dinosaur's War, T-Rex> and <EcoRoco>.

As a multi-contents provider that represents Asia, we will continue to devote ourselves to kid's content creation.


TV Series, 2D Digital Animation, Edutainment, 4-6 aged kids

Eori is a scamp with strong curiosity. He like to chase bugs or imagine things in the forest. When he happens to help Inky (A fairy of Ink) by chance. Eori becomes Inky's friend and with the help of Inky, he goes into the book!

Now Eori and Inky begins an exciting adventure into Wonderland!


TV Series, 2D Digital Animation, 6-8 aged kids.

An animated sitcom based on a Korean web-comic, telling stories about relationship, friendship, humorous and unforgettable experiences when living with pets. Sassy a would-be queen, Soondol the pretty one, adorable Lang. the big eater Yuding and Aga the tough guy.

All have stories to tell from the past, they are extraordinary, characteristic and very expressive pets! They change to human figures to express their feelings when Dusoon is not around!

[Product Description]

[Eori season 1 & 2]

EORI is an animated educational adventure series that introduce many exciting stories from around the world. Kids enjoy warm and colorful BG stages and meet with new friends and culture following Eori's adventure.

[Product Features]

Title: Eori season 1 & 2

Format: TV Series, 11min X 52epi

Target: Kids 5 - 8

Prod.Method : 2D Digital Cutout

ON AIR: KBS, Disney korea, Daekyo TV

Company Information

company information
Contact Person peter kim
Company NHC Media Co., LTD.
Homepage www.nhcmedia.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/nhc-media--1081985
Tel 0226242830 Fax 0226242832
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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