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[Company Introduction]


About us

Founded in 2009, Studio Moggozi creates and develops animated TV series, features, and advertisements. Currently the studio has its creative team and production team in Korea and China, working on new projects every year.Studio Moggozi looks forward to creating all kinds of content business model, paving way to a new market.






- TV animation series ‘Go Go Dino’ Broadcasted on SBS

- TV animation series and animated feature ‘Bugstron’ wins SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan) Grand prize




- TV animation series ‘Go Go Dino’ co produced with Chinese company “Lotta Studio”

- Involved in TV animation series ‘Princess Sofia’ animation production_ Toiion, Disney



- CEO succession (Aiden Byun, Owen Kang as co CEOs)

- TV animation series ‘DisAngels’ planning / production

- Involved TV animation series ‘Space Jungle’ animation _ Coan studio

- TV animation series ‘CUBE CON’ promotional video production _ Samsung books

- Involved in TV animation series ‘Princess Sofia’ animation production _ Toiion, Disney



-TV animation series ‘Eeny meeny miny moe’ Kocca pilot production support planning/production

- TV animation series ‘Guri Guri Magnifying Glass’ planning/production



- Animated feature ‘JJOMBAKEE’ animation and technical support _ Olive studio, EBS

- TV animation ‘The King’ promotional video_ Olive studio

- TV animation ‘Detective Bobo and Curse’ promotional video _ Iconix

- TV animation ‘Refrigerator land Cocomong season 2’ character set up _ Olive studio

- TV animation ‘Baby Silverfish’ rendering _ Ronin, Picto studio

- Produced Animation short ‘Paper box momo’



- Corporate establishment (CEO : Tae Soo Jin)

- TV animation ‘12 friends’ created promotional video _ Olive studio

- TV animation ‘Baby Seagull Lou’ character set up _ Olive studio

- TV animation ‘Lulie the Iceberg and Ituk’ character set up/ trailer _ Olive studio


Our Business

1.Contents Planning & Production

- Preschool, Pre-teen TV Animation series development


2. New Media Channel Distribution

- Managing Preschool, Pre-teen Youtube channel

Expanding into various OTT platforms


3.Character Licensing Business

Toy, Games, Musical and other licensing business


[Product Description]



“An adventure of a boy who was sent to a world of transforming insect machine-weapons”


In a faraway planet Devonia, where insect-like-humanoids live, each tribe uses powerful machines that share the same characteristics as themselves called “Bugstron”to battle and preserve peace. However, an ominous shadow of war creeps forth with the disclosure of the Termite tribe’s nefarious ambitions, a boy from Earth gets drawn into the body of a powerful atlas beetle warrior, to fight against them.


TV Series & Movie Animation (Under Development, Expected to air in 2018)

22 min. / 52 Episodes / 3D Full CGI

Target Age 6-11 Children

Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure


Company Information

company information
Contact Person Aiden Byun
Company Studio Moggozi
Homepage www.moggozi.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/studio-moggozi--EC075477
Tel 01027283608 Fax
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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