GFighters (Pd No. : 3053335)

(Updated : Jan/06/2017)
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Model Nm
HS CODE 854370
Keywords 26 episodes 22 mins each TV Series 3D CGI Animation
Seller ID ecircus

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Transforming Heroes Action Comedy

Original in English

Target Age 6 – 10


A peaceful city metropolis.

One day, a skyscraper WP center freezes with an explosion. Because of the red mist that has penetrated everywhere in the city along with the explosion, the villain of the power is coming out in the city. And two years later, the space villains arrive on the Earth. They came to find a robotic cat called Boltcat on the spaceship that crashed on the Earth two years ago. 

The main character, Lin Sylar, is a 13-year-old elementary school boy who misses his father and hangs out with the cats. He wants to save the Boltcat, buried in the backyard of his house, from the space villain Bolavenn, and at the moment of death, he merges with Boltcat and is born as a hero. Another unidentified grandfather, No-oh-rahn, who learned about Lin's abilities, is a homeless man who lives at the park, but he finds the genius weapon inventor, Mook, and the esoteric girl, Yu-na, of the psychokinesis power to form the G Fighters.

The frenzied events that happen every moment, the red fog behind them, and other space villains chasing Boltcat. G Fighters saves the city from danger and reveals the secrets associated with them.

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company information
Contact Person youngsoo kang
Company Electric Circus
Homepage www.electriccircus.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/electric-circus--1082050
Tel 032-623-0135 Fax 032-623-0136
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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