Millionaire Woody(Pd No. : 3017323)

(Updated : Aug/12/2014)
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HS CODE 370690
Keywords animation, featured film,3D, movie, dog, woody
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Millionaire Woody (Synopsis)

Woody, the dancing and singing dog of New York, becomes a Millionaire! - A deceased rich widow hands down all of her money to her pet dog. The widow’s outraged son and daughter don't get a cent of the inheritance and swear to kill and deprive Woody of all his property. Meanwhile, Woody spends his days doing nothing but eating away at his sorrows. One day, the newly hired dog-sitter, Suzy, a beautiful Asian-American girl appears into his life. Woody is smitten by her and starts to regain his vitality. Breaking the 5 years of seclusion, Woody takes a walk in New York City for the first time. Up ahead, however, Eaton, the son of rich widow, is waiting in camouflage with several cruel and brutal ruses up his sleeve.


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-Type: 3D animated featured film project

-Target Audience: Family

-Genre: Romantic comedy

-Length: 90 Min

-we are looking for investors, distributors and co-production partners 

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company information
Contact Person SHIN CHANG HWAN
Address 5F Iconix Building 64 255beon-gil Pangyo-ro Bundang-gu Gyeonggi-do South Korea
Homepage www.studiogale.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/studio-gale--1079801
Tel 03180602818 Fax 03180602819
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Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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